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Welcome to Business Ninja.

Holy crap! It's a freaking ninja!




Well we got a jinx link down at the bottom now! Check them out they have some really cool clothes that are perfect for us geeks.

Slowly Updating

We've been updating the comic as quikly as possibal. I know "Pimp My Santa" is down and I'm trying to fix it but I don't know what the problem is.

Expect more frequent and regular updates along with a brand new comic series!

I'm playing around with the layout of the place so if you come on to see the place looking weird don't be worried.

I added a link to the webcomic list up top and once I get more comics posted I'll start advertising on there.

Also make sure to tell your freinds about us so we can get more popular!


No new comic yesterday, maybe 2 today.

New comic

There'll be a new comic latter today, I'm not on my home computer now.

New comic and rating news.

The new comic lost a little colour when I uploaded it because smackjeeves has a KB limit.

We removed the rate button because some one was spamming all the comics up with 1s and 2s without commenting.

Sorry for the delay

We wern't able to meet over the thanksgiving weekend so we wern't able to put new comics together but we got a new one up now.


Happy Thanksgiving!

Have a good thanksgiving everyone.

From all your freinds at AFS.

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