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The ninja

Age: How old is a star? How big is a rock? How long is a peice of string?

Blood type: He challenges you to find out.

The ninja works at the department store as middle managment. He was hired just recently by Gerik who was in a drunken stupor at the time.

He is constantly being challenged by other ninjas but their reasons are not clear... Could this have something to do with his mysterious past? You may find out in later comics.


Age: 46

Blood type: Alcohol

Gerik was the founder of the department stores son. When his father past awayed 2 years ago he became the chairperson of the department store.

He hired the ninja when he got drunk and found his application on his desk. Gerik hates to be wrong and has refused to fire the ninja despite the fact that he has destroyed most of the store.

FBI Guy Ike

classified: 54

Blood type: Classified:

Ike works for the FBI. He has been called many times by workers of the department store but hasn't gone after the ninja because... Well... "He's a freakin ninja! He'll kill all of us!" besides how much damage could he do?

Expect to see Ike in latter comics!

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